About us


The team at The Archers’ Crest was founded to help archers achieve their peak performance with their equipment. We focus the equipment and bringing to you the right content so that you can focus on your shooting. I hope The Archers’ Crest can bless your journey in archery also. See you on the shooting line!

Here’s the lengthy background (and the heart of it). It all started out of a curiosity of making strings in my “workshop” (room). It seems like the only thing which could be self-made on the entire bow, and definitely one of the most important. This 18 strand flimsy thing is supposed to withstand thousands of shots across the year, brave different weather, get thrown to aside and kept in the bag without air for weeks. Yet it still needs to perform without snapping and still bring your arrow to meet the X. The drive to making an excellent string got me experimenting and sourcing different materials and techniques. This slowly expanded to include trying different equipment as well. (Expensive habit, yeah).

After getting to know more people with the same dreams, I found that getting through this sport is not easy. However, there are many out there who will sacrifice to make our journey easier.

Meet the Archers’ Crest team


“Oops, where the arrow go?”
Try to look good for the camera, though you’re looking for the arrow.
That shot lasts 1 competition. This shot
<– lasts forever


“Seek progress, not perfection”
How much progress is needed to look so perfect?

Pei Shan

“Team work makes the Dream work”
Teammates: “Where is Pei Shan ah?”
–nap in progress–

If you’d like to be a part of this cause and educate other archers, do contact us to know how you can be involved!