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Form Good to Great

Get a Good Anchor

The anchor acts as a consistent reference point which determines where the arrow is projected towards. Find out how to be anchored in a good form and consistently get a ...
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Get a Good Bow Shoulder

A lot of pressure is on our bow arm shoulder whenever we shoot. There's a physical pressure as the bow is coming towards you, and there's a mental pressure to ...
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Get a Good Hook

Your hooking affects the consistency of your shot. Let's explore what a good hook is and how we can be consistent with it ...
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Get Equipped

The Wing Thing Review

We got our hands on a gadget which will help you make fletching less stressful. Introducing, The Wing Thing from the Archery Lab. Transcript Hi everyone, it's Chris ...
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Rise(r) up to the Challenge

When choosing a riser, what are the 2 main considerations to take? Find out how to consider riser weight and riser speed with your shooting style to obtain the optimal ...
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5 archery equipment to invest in

5 archery equipment to invest in So you’re new to archery, or perhaps you’ve been trying it out for a while using borrowed equipment and are ready to get your ...
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How to Tie a Nocking Point

Things you’ll need: Nocking point string that’s about 40 cm. Enough to tie two nocking pointsT-gaugeA paint markerAn arrowLighter, preferably jet lighterPen-knife/Scissors Things to do before tying a nocking point: ...
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Home-based Bow Training

Staying at home doesn't stop you from training and keeping up on your #Archery skills. Hear what Coach Choi recommends for a good bow training regime! Home-based Bow Training ...
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Train Effectively without a Bow

It's not every 4 years. It's every day.Gwen Jorgensen Even when you have pockets of time, you can make use of every opportunity to train effectively without a bow. Especially ...
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Welcome to the Archers’ inSights!

Hello! Great to see you! Archers' inSights is a platform meant to inform and impart knowledge with archers around the world. We aim to create content that is useful, relevant ...
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