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Archers’ inSights

Join us in understanding more about the sport! Providing you fresh and new content developed in partnership with The Archery Academy.

Every so often, we will discuss on a topic to unravel more inSights and weigh its pros and cons. There are so many points of view that we need to make sense of it in a way that’s useful for us.
Additionally, we have a Coach Me segment where you can submit your shooting videos and we’ll get comments so that we all can learn together.

Submit a topic or question to us here! (please phrase your question clearly)
Submit your Coach Me video here! (3 shots: front, back, side)
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Online Shop

What happens when I make an order?
Upon confirmation of payment, we will process the order and send the items to you

Do you have more products?
Send us a text or email of the item you’re looking for and we may be able to perform magic

What are my shipping options?
Local store pickup is available at The Archery Academy (Horsecity) during opening hours. There can also be in-person pickup arrangements at a convenient time and place.
We have also partnered with Ninjavan, DHL and Singpost for local and international deliveries. Postage cost is calculated at the cart. Do contact us if you have other preferences in postage. Chris also runs Chris-post where he will deliver it personally to you in some instances.

How long does it take?
Items in stock will be sent over within 2 working days. Items that are made to order or customisation will require 1-2 weeks. We will maintain an open channel of communication with you.

How do I make payment?
PayNow, PayLah and inter-bank transfers are available. Refer to the instructions upon checkout.
Credit card and Paypal will incur a 4% transaction fee. Overseas bank transfers will incur a transaction fee of S$10.

How often do stocks come?
We’re looking to order every 15th of the month. Do place your orders by then!

Rental & Second hand

With the heart of allowing new archers to “test commitment” to the sport they’re new to, the rental option allows archers to rent equipment for a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 months. This reduces the starting cost to archers. The monthly cost of renting each item is dependent on the item itself and is reflected for each item under the rental category. Please contact Chris at 91061923 (or click the chat button below) if you’d like to rent.

  1. You will need to put a deposit equivalent to the full cost of the item(s) as reflected in the shop.
  2. Any time during the rental period, archers can choose to buy the equipment they rented (and have no deposit returned) or conclude the rental by returning the equipment and receive the remaining deposit (initial deposit – duration*monthly cost).
  3. The decision to return the item will have to be made before the 6 month mark, otherwise it will be considered sold.

Shooting Range / Physical Store

Putting it here that we do not have an archery range or a physical shop.
Please head over to Archery Academy for use of their full range