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Shoot and Repeat (The Shot Cycle)

If you’ve been shooting regularly for a period of time, you’d realise that your movements have developed into habits and routines. Subconsciously too! It’s the same every single time you step onto the shooting line and shoot.

How you pick up the bow, walk to the shooting line, nock an arrow, breathe and prepare, set up .. .. till you release and get another arrow ready to shoot.
In fact, it might seem like clockwork. These actions are repeated exactly to the seconds.

The sequence of movements is called the shot cycle
Sometimes we feel good about it, sometimes we feel as though something is off.

The shot cycle helps us to

  1. Develop confidence in ourselves when the shot cycle feels the same consistently. This is one of the ways we can prepare mentally for any competition.
    “When I know that I am consistent, I can also hit the X consistently.” It’s about letting the muscle memory take over, so that you let the subconscious do the work and you feel good about your shots.
  2. Determine adjustments to shooting form by using it as a structure to guide us in diagnosing issues.

Today’s blog post is about identifying different parts of the shot cycle. 
We want to structure it so that you can think about how you execute each step and what habits have been developed! 

For form habits that have been developed, they take place subconsciously. If we need to adjust our form, then consistent and intentional training will be needed to make new muscle memories. That’s why starting the sport with a good coach is important!
As we look at shooting forms in future, we will also refer back to this shot cycle.

There are so many books and ideas written about shooting: Kisik Lee, Kim Hyung Tak, World Archery, other coaches and federations. What’s the difference between all the shooting techniques then? 

The similarity: they all structure their thoughts according to the shot cycle. Using the shot cycle, they break it down by identifying specific movements like “hook the string”, “raise the bow”, “drawing”, “anchor” (compare their contents page). 

The differences are in how they optimize each step of the shot cycle. We’ll try to the best of our abilities to provide balanced considerations and perspectives for you to take.

We’ll look at the shot process in this manner. As you read it, do a throwback to every time you shoot and replay it in slow motion. How does your heart feel? What is your state mind? Remember your muscles moving and how it feels like, because

~ Improvement comes first through awareness ~


  • Pick up bow, walk to the shooting line
  • Feet position and posture

With bow and arrow

  • Nock arrow, hold riser and string
  • Setup: Raise bow and alignment of shoulders
  • Draw and anchor
  • Full draw, aiming and expansion


  • Release and follow through 
  • Throughout: mental preparation, zone & focus

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