EliVanes Parabolic “P”


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The EliVanes parabolic “P” Profile vane is designed for use at long and medium distances. The helical curvature and shape of the P vane causes the air to flow towards the tail of the arrow, thus increasing speed, stabilization, and rotations on its axis, giving you a forgiving and stable vane. The EliVanes parabolic “P” are the most common and reliable vanes you’ll get.
The ends of EliVanes are extended so you can paste tape over it without changing the shape of the vane.

P1.75 – Newest model vanes, the go-to vane suitable for all recurve archers. (Archers’ Crest Recommended)
Particularly suitable for small diameter arrows, the P1.75 weighs 0.7 grains, making it the lightest vane on the market while maintaining the same quality and strength as the rest of the EliVanes range

P2 – Parabolic vane with a low profile. Fast arrow speed, sensitive to shooting. Only for recurve archers with good release. Good for compound archers
(Hard option ONLY for compound)

P3 – Universal in size, good for recurve and barebow. Mount with an offset for high indoor performance

50 vanes per packet with double sided tape and end tapes

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 cm

P1.75, P2, P3


Soft, Hard


Evo Orange, Evo Light Blue, Evo Green, Evo Red, Evo Black, Evo Yellow, Evo Purple




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