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The Wing Thing Review

We got our hands on a gadget which will help you make fletching less stressful. Introducing, The Wing Thing from the Archery Lab.


Hi everyone, it’s Chris from The Archers’ Crest and I’m here to show you a very useful tool I’ve gotten my hands on.
Introducing The Wing Thing from The Archery Lab.
The Wing Thing removes all your pain when you’re trying to fletch your spin vanes.
No more drawing of lines, no more straining your eyes to see your vanes align with the lines and no more wondering if your vanes are evenly spaced out.

Let’s open it up. The first thing you’ll see is a quickstart guide to help you set it up. You’ll notice that every part is wrapped up individually so it’s protected while it’s on its way to you. In the box, you have.. The spin vane clamp, the nock attachment and of course, The Wing Thing jig.

This is how The Wing Thing works.
First put the nock adapter onto the jig.
Then you can attach your arrow and put it into the nock adapter.
With this cap and elastic band, you can put it over your arrow point and this helps to lock in your arrow.
So you’ll see there’s no room for movement and no wiggle.

To put a vane on you just need to slide the vane down the side of a clamp like that. You can also use the markings to gauge the position and to make sure that it’s the same every single time.

Once you’re done, grab a tape and put it along the markings like that.
Once you’re ready, grab a knife, you can just lift up the double sided tape to remove it from the vane

And you can get the jig, put it at an angle, slide it at a 45 degree angle.
Lock it on, slide on.. Once you’re done. Just bring it up, just like that.

The jig is lightweight but very well built.
As I was playing a bit I realized there’s no room for wiggle or loose parts may shift the position of your arrow.

The skeleton of the jig is made of aluminum supported by 3D printed parts so is extremely lightweight.
It is also super adjustable, where you can adjust the vane position; you can shift it up and down.
You can put it at any angle and you can use it for any diameter arrows.

They clamp fit literally any spin vanes that you may be using up to 2 1/8 of an inch.
So that’s more than sufficient for your traditional spin wings, Elivanes, SpiderVanes, or XS wings.
A clamp for longer indoor vanes are also available as an add on.
Now the KSL jet6 vanes unfortunately require an additional clamp because the shape of the vanes are slightly different.

This is nock attachment and it fits all symmetric nocks, such as the Eastern, Fivics or Skylon nocks.
There are numbers on it so you can see where the vane positions are.
If you’re using Beiter asymmetric nocks, you need an add-on for them.

Okay, now let’s do a quick test.

I’m going to fetch four arrows in total, two of which I’ve already drawn the lines and I’ll use the normal alignment method just to put them on.
And two of them I’ll use The Wing Thing.

Okay, so I have the Spider Vanes which are used for my compound arrows.
And I use the spin wings for my recurve arrows.

They are all the Skylon Preminens arrows over here.
So I’ll start from when the first tape is being pulled out.
And I’ll end only when the ending tapes are put on.
So I’m honestly quite a bit nervous because I’ve been using the normal method ever since I’ve started and I’ve only gotten The Wing Thing and I’ve started playing with it today I have only fletched one arrow with it.

Alright, so let’s see how it goes.
Okay, so first up will be my recurve arrow with the spin wings.
Ready? Three two one and go
3 minutes and 27 seconds.

Okay. Let me check. Yep, I think they are quite alright.
One of my fears, one of my concerns is that the space between each of the vanes are slightly different, or the offset angle is a bit off. Which would give some clearance problems.

Okay, so this is the traditional method for the spin wings.
Great! And now for the Spider Vanes.
Okay, Spider Vanes with the traditional method.
Let’s reset the clock.. Three two one, go.
Done! 3 minutes and 12 seconds, all right!

So that so little bit of warm up that I’ve done with this, okay.
So 3 minutes and 27 seconds for the spin wings and 3minutes and 12 seconds for the Spider Vanes.

Okay, next up, I’m going to try fetching the Spider Vanes on my compound arrows using The Wing Thing.
Let’s see how long I will take. Ready, three two one, go
Time’s up. So..

I have done it in about the same time as with my fingers, time is roughly the same.
But when I look through the back,

I am much more confident that these vanes are much more aligned.
They are spaced out very evenly.
The lines when I look at them, they are exactly perpendicular with no offset angle at all.
So that’s dependent on how I set it.

That is really, really amazing. You can check..
This is the one that’s done with The Wing Thing.
And this is the one that’s done with my bare hands.
And you can see the difference for yourself.

Okay, so I have attached the Beiter nock adapter to use with the Beiter nocks.
And let’s see how long I will take to fetch the spin wings.
Ready three two one, go.

Stop! 2 minutes and 58 seconds.
Right. And let’s take a look.
So I did not check on the angle of the vanes (arrow height).
But honestly speaking, I am impressed. I am very impressed.
Just take a look at that.

Okay, just take a look at my handmade one just over here.
So this is made with The Wing Thing. This is made with my hands.
And you can see that the vanes are very differently spaced out.
Right, this (Wing Thing) is much more even.
And honestly quite questionable with my own skills.
Alright, so this is the timing taken for The Wing Thing.

All in all, the time that we see is not very much significant.
Also dependent on your skills

There is a little bit of improvement maybe about 10%.
But what I really like about The Wing Thing is that you can rely so much on it and you can ensure that every turn that you make is so evenly spaced out.

I love it that the clamp has the edges over here and all you need to do is to push the vanes towards the edges.
And even for the tape, you just need to push it down onto the edges.
And you can align it just like that you don’t need to.. “am I too high or too low”?
You don’t need to bother all about that.

Because of all these conveniences. I do like The Wing Thing a lot.
In fact, I just claimed this first set as mine.

Okay, so that’s all from me.
Thank you so much for taking your time to watch this.
This is The Wing Thing from The Archery Lab.
And I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I had.

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